• Mason Torres – CyberSecurity Framework for Educational Institutions (Commenced 2020)
  • Dr Salem Suhluli (PhD Awarded 2023) – User Perceptions on Privacy and Security in IoT (Commenced 2018)
  • Dr Harry Pratisto (PhD Awarded 2022) – Examining Presence, Quality and Social Influence in Virtual Reality for Tourism
  • Dr Rukshan Alexander (PhD Awarded 2019) – Usability themes in High and Low Context Cultures
  • Dr James Meneghello (PhD Awarded 2017) – A Framework to Enrich Analytical Applications Using Integrated Social Media Data


  • N Narula – Psychological Coping Strategies for Information Security Threat (2021)
  • P Wang – Data Communications Architecture for IoT (2021)
  • M Boxer – Motivational Factors in Cryptocurrency Speculation (2020)
  • M Oldfield – Contrasting Security vs Safety perception in Resources Critical Infrastructure
  • D Vero – Factors Affecting Public Attitude Towards Internet Filtering (2019)
  • YJ Song – Success factors affecting the adoption of robotic process automation in the resources industry (2019)
  • J Brindley – Determinants of Online Disclosure (2018)
  • J Kininmonth – Internet Privacy Concerns and Acceptance of Government Surveillance in Australia (2018)
  • T Chongsutakawewong – A security assessment of e-government portals in Australia and Thailand (2018)
  • L Leong – Public Trust and Confidence in Government Meta-data collection (2017)
  • P Daya – Fake news and Facebook – Determinants of News Sharing behaviour in Social Media (2017)

Prospective Students

I supervise high calibre PhD and Master students in Information Security and Privacy, primarily those will research skills in human factors, risk perceptions, decision making and the evaluation of the underlying psychological models that drive human computer interaction.

I do not generally consider topics outside of Information Security, but if in doubt then do please contact me with your proposal if your area includes social media or broader HCI work.